permit or no permit?

1. My neighbor got his driveway without a permit. He says if you use the term, "drivePORT", instead of
drive WAY, you can forego the permit.

2. A contractor claimed, if he "grinds" the curb down to make the apron entry, he doesn't need a permit?

3. Yesterday, another contractor said he's been doing driveways for 30 years. "You need a variance" (permit) for the job, He "ain't doing it...not going to lose HIS license.

I was down at the permit office last year. They knew my neighbor didn't have a permit but did not contact him.

So, what is your take on this?

If your area requires a permit to install a driveway, it seems unlikely that renaming it a driveport would make any difference. Grinding the curb to make an apron is not allowed in Richmond, VA, but each locality has their own regulations or permit structure. If a permit was required to do the work, the contractor does risk a fine or worse. I think contacting the building inspector and making a formal complaint would be the most productive especially if the neighbor's driveway is negatively impacting your property.
I hope this information helps!


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