Placement of new house, shed and circle drive

by Landon
(Lafayette )

I found your website and it appears you have a lot of experience with circle drives and placing new houses. The open area for this project is approximately 4 acres. We had this sketch drawn out and were starting to stake things out.

Initially we see the driveway is too narrow and we need a lot of area for the circl driveway.

Do you have any thoughts?

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Aug 20, 2018
Response NEW
by: Anonymous

There is a creek to cross and a culvert to the right which is why we have to enter from the side like that.

Thanks for th comments on sizing that driveway. Can you clarify what you mean by placing the shed ?

Aug 20, 2018
Suggestions from Nancy
by: Nancy


Just a few thoughts that hopefully may help. With a circle drive in the front of the house, it makes an impressive entrance to focus on the front door. The long sweeping driveway coming up the side is nice, but it focus on the garage as you enter the home grounds. There may be a reason for bringing the driveway in this way that I don't know, but it would be more focused to enter in front of the house with a shorter, gently curved driveway to the circle.
Be sure the center of the circle is a minimum of 50'. Widen the driveway in front of the house to a minimum of 18', so cars can pass one another at this point. You don't want a bottle neck here. The detached garage/shed may be better located directly across from the attached garage. This way you have better parking and turn around space. You can soften or screen the appearance of the detached building with plants.
I hope these comments are helpful. Thanks for submitting your question.


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