Proper lavendar varieties for my area

by Rose
(Big Bear, CA)

Hi, Nancy. I found your answer so helpful in deciding what type of driveway to add that I couldn't think of a better person to ask about my garden. I'm extremely fond of the look and lovely scent of lavender and wish to grow some at home. However, I live in a mountain community with rocky soil at 7500 feet altitude. We get snow from as early as mid-October to as late as May. Our winter temperatures do drop below zero on rare occasions, but generally will stay at least in the low teens. I have lots of room to give them a sunny place to grow, but will they survive my weather conditions? Two varieties my research says are more resistant to freezing are Hidcote and Munstead. However, the sites that suggested these varieties didn't give any specifics as to what temperature and humidity range they will thrive in. Am I chasing a foolish dream to want to plant lavender up here, or are there really varieties that will work for me? Your expertise will be greatly appreciated.

Dear Rose,

Thank so much for your kind remarks! I am so glad I was helpful with your driveway.

I work in Central and Tidewater VA where the temperatures rarely get too much below freezing. Lavender can grow here for a few years and then not survive a winter. When I plant it, I treat it like an annual. I never use it in large masses because of this aspect of it.

Monrovia Nurseries is very popular across the country because of its great plant selection. I found a newsletter where they are mentioning a new lavender introduction. Check it out . They are a good contact for plant questions since they are at least from CA.
I hope this information helps!


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