Ranch Style House Landscaping?

by Stephen

Can you please help? What sort of design suits a ranch style, single story house?

A landscape design always takes into consideration the architecture of the house as well as the homeowner's needs. It is a customized process that is unique to each situation.
In general, I will give you some things to take into consideration when landscaping a ranch style house. Usually they are one story and not too large. Don't let the plants overpower it. Use shrubs that stay below the window sills. Use a variety of plants with different heights to make it interesting. For example, between the windows where there are blank walls use plants that are taller than the ones used under the windows. Accent the corners of the house with taller plants. Evergreens do a good job around the house because you want the house to look nice all year. Use deciduous shrubs away from the house.
These are just a few thoughts to help you get started with your project or to give you guidance when working with a landscape design professional.
Good luck with your landscaping and thank-you for submitting your question.


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