S shape or U shape drive with protruding garage and corner lot?


I am buying a house which is a corner lot, and has a 3 car side-load garage which protrudes into the front of the lot, with the front door hidden on the other side of the house. The current driveway is very short (with a sidewalk cutting through it) and goes out to the side of the lot onto the busy street instead of straight down the front yard to the side street.

We have a large SUV and 4 young children so we need a bigger/longer driveway and would like it to exit onto the side street in front of the house for safety instead of directly onto the busier street on the side of the house, so that we can plant privacy between the driveway and the sidewalk.

I will upload the aerial view of the lot. There are 50' from the protruding garage to the front of the lot, and about 70' from the house itself to the street.

I dislike that the short driveway attaches to the street on the side of the house so guests arriving only see the side of the house. "Welcome to my garage!" I would like guests to be able to approach the house from the front in order to see the front of the house vs. just the garage when they arrive.

I don't know that a straight driveway down the front yard would be approved since it is so close to the intersection. It seems an S shaped driveway curving from the side-load garage towards the middle of the front yard may work, or a U shaped driveway? Would love your advice. Thank you!

Hi! You have a beautiful house and the photos illustrate why you want people to come to the front door. I think an independent "U" shaped driveway would look great with your house. Keep the driveway to the garage for private use. Plant evergreens along the front side of the existing driveway to soften the view of any cars parked there. This planting would also be a nice accent for the house. You would have to redo the sidewalk with it now coming out to the "U" shaped driveway. There would be no need for it to go to the garage.
I hope this information helps you. Thanks for your submission. Nancy

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