Sloped Driveway

by James
(Cheshire, UK)

My partner and I are looking to have a new driveway installed this year as our current paving stones are beginning to crack and the mortar in-between has eroded making it look very unsightly and rather unsafe. The driveway is on an upward slope towards the house and we are wondering what the best option is?


I have done a number of steep driveways and the material that has the most traction is concrete. It sounds like you have a masonry driveway now, so don't know if concrete appeals to you. It does has the downside of cracking, so if you anticipate heavy loads being on it you should reinforce it. There are so many nice stains and colors for concrete now which has made it a much more interesting material to use. Stay away from surface epoxy surface treatment on the concrete. They don't hold up. I don't know of a paver used specifically for steep slopes, but a concrete paver with a rough surface is a possibility. There are some concrete pavers that are a good stone look alike. Be sure to use a paver rated for vehicular traffic. Natural stone would be too slick on a slope.
Good Luck. Nancy

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