Steel Driveway Edging-What's the Best One to Use?

by G. Karnes
(Cincinnati, OH)


Your site is great and I stumbled across it last night. I am hoping you can help me with a question. I recently had a Chatanooga Rubble aggregate driveway (loose gravel) installed over a compacted aggregate base. I did not edge it last fall because I was still researching edging options.

I would really like to use a dark brown (or rusted) steel or aluminum edge. There is only about 100 linear feet of edge and all the runs are straight. This edge would give it a nice, clean, low profile appearance. The problem here in Cincinnati, Ohio is that people aren't using that type of edging so I am having a hard time identifying what companies make and distribute steel or aluminum edging in this area.

Do you have experience with any particular type of steel or aluminum edge and what do you recommend?

Thank you!


Dear Grant,

Steel Edging is beautiful and does a good job! I have gotten spoiled because I use a contractor that makes an edging on site with a sturdy, rusted steel. The fact that you have just straight runs makes it especially easy to install. Sure-Loc Edging is a good product. Be sure to use the one that is approved for driveways. It is much stronger than the edging used for planting beds, so able to stand up to the occasional car bumping it. When I use to have it installed, an excavation or road building contractor installed it for me. Can the contractor that installed your driveway install the edge?

Hopefully, you can find someone to install it because it does make a beautiful driveway.

Hope this information helps! Thanks for your question.


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