tar and gravel

by Glen
(Richmond, VA)

Nice website !

We have a tar and pea gravel surface drive. We did this about 20 years ago over an asphalt driveway in bad shape.

We enjoyed the look for years. Still like it except for the aging. Now we have some "bare" spots.

Also coming up in the driveway close to the street is more of an incline. As we get older we are more concerned about slipping on the loose gravel.

Probably 12 years or so ago we added a 3 feet of gravel on the side to give more "passing" room. This was a slightly larger gravel.

Any suggestions for the lower part of the driveway to get more stability.

Thanks, Glen

Dear Glen,

At the entrance of your driveway where the incline is located, it is very common to use another type of paving material. It is called an apron and can be as long as you need it. There are a number of materials you can use. Cobblestones are beautiful and are the most expensive option. Concrete pavers are another option (be sure to use the pavers rated for vehicular traffic). An exposed aggregate concrete apron would like very similar to your driveway surface, but the gravel is part of the concrete, so does not move. You can also use plain concrete (not exposed aggregate).
These 4 choices are all good solid surfaces that would look nice with your tar & gravel driveway. Your tar & gravel driveway also called surface treatment driveway can be touched up. Twenty years without having to do any major repairs is excellent. Be sure to only use the small gravel because the tar cannot hold the larger gravel in place as well.
Thanks so much for the question! Nancy

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