The most economical way to cover a dust bowl of a drive way and parking area

Driveway is about 32 metres x 5 metres (160 metres)and the parking area is L shaped 16m both outside lengths, 11m both inside lengths and end widths of 5 metres each. I calculate that to be about 119 square metres. Total coverage therefore is around 280 square metres.

The driveway is undulating.

The house is for sale and I am just wanting to cover the dustbowl and make it more presentable

Have been recommended to use Blue Metral 7-10mil aggregate but not sure if it will hold on the undulating driveway.

Thank you for your assistance.


Dear Sandra,

An aggregate is going to be the most economical material for the driveway. When using aggregate (gravel) you need to use a type of material called crusher run. This gravel has dust as while as stone in it. The advantage of a crusher run on a driveway is that it packs instead of washes. To do an aggregate driveway correctly, the material must be compacted when installed. Have it compacted every few inches. The continued driving on it further compacts it. Am sure you have driven on a gravel driveway that sinks under your car and is also hard to walk on. This is because it was not a crusher run material and wasn't compacted when installed. Look for areas where large amounts of water run across the driveway. You may have to do some drainage work to eliminate a problem area here.
Good Luck with your project and thank-you for corresponding with me.


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