Trees & Edging for a long driveway

by Jim
(Newburg, MD)

Hello there,
I have a 900 foot gravel driveway in Newburg, Maryland. I would like to plant trees along the driveway. What do you recommend? What do you think about Armstrong maples? The driveway runs straight to the front door of the house (a very large three and a half story Georgian Colonial. I also need to install a driveway edging as well. Thanks. Jim

Hi Jim,

I appreciate you contacting me about your driveway. A tree lined driveway is always impressive. You have a nice long one, so you will have a nice display of trees. Armstrong Maple is a hybrid of the Red Maple, but not one of my favorites. It is a hybrid between a red maple and silver maple which makes it fast growing,but not one of the better quality hybrids. It is shorter than varieties like October Glory and Red Sunset which maybe one of its characteristics that appeal to you. With such a long driveway, I would think you would have room for the larger tree. Plant them no closer than 30 feet on center and you can push them as far apart as 50 feet. Keep them a safe distance from the driveway to keep the roots from damaging the driveway surface. Do not plant them so far away from the driveway that they don't relate to it and shade it. A general rule is at least 10 feet.
A driveway edging can be nice to keep the gravel in place. Your driveway length is going to make any edging you use expensive. At the more expensive end of your choices is cobblestone. In the middle is 3/8th inch steel edging. The least expensive alternative is salt treated lumber (2x6 inch lumber, staked as needed). All edging should be seen from the driveway side (2-4" reveal) and backfilled so that the back of the edging is not seen.
I hope this helps put your project in motion.

Thanks, Nancy

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