U or Circular driveway

by Jayant Das
(N Virginia)

floor plan front

floor plan front

I have a 70 ft house front and not sure if a U or circular driveway is best. The land is 440 ft by 190 ft. Please suggest and also how far behind should the house be from the front considering the driveway?
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JAyant Das

It's hard to say exactly how you should do your driveway without the driveway drawn out to scale. I'll give you a few tips I hope help you to make the best decision. You want to leave room along the house for planting. The driveway too close to the garage edge looks cramped. The driveway should be at least 10' from the front door. The minimum diameter for a circular drive is 50'. Otherwise the turning radius doesn't work. You also need to leave room for two cars to pass one another.
If also considering a U-Shaped driveway, they look best if they go from one side of the property to the other. They can be wider by the front door to allow two cars to pass one another. You can pull a drive off to the garage from the "U".
If you draw the driveway on a scaled plan, send it back over for a review, if you want.
Thanks so much for your submission.


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Feb 06, 2017
clarification NEW
by: Anonymous

Thanks Nancy, per your suggestion the diameter should be min 50 ft. But that is a car passing along the circumference. What about the turning radius for a car that is passing another car and passing along the inner circle? I guess I am asking, what should be the diameter for the inner circle?

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