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I am interested in building a u shaped driveway on a small(ish) lot. There will not be a driveway gate. Two questions:
1. Do I need a separate pedestrian gate/walkway through the center of the u-drive to the front door? Is it weird to only have the driveway?
2. Will it look okay if the driveway cut is larger on the side where there is an actual two car garage (and more narrow for the second driveway cut)?
3. Is bluestone an okay material to use? Our idea is to use pavers with grass between.
Thank you!

HI! A U-shape driveway is a good design for a smallish lot. I've used them on city parcels with great success and they function and look great.

The driveway entrance and exit at the street should be the same, if at all possible. The driveway, of course, needs to be as wide as the garage, but should narrow down at the street. A wide residential driveway is 15'. The flared opening at the street should be no more than 24'.

There will be space between the driveway and the front door. This is where you need a sidewalk to take you to the front door. Nothing is needed incorporated into the driveway. Folks can walk on the driveway until they reach the walk to the front door.

Bluestone is an expensive material for a driveway. It's also not the strongest. There are so many concrete pavers that resemble bluestone that are less expensive and a better choice than bluestone. Be sure the paver is rated for vehicular traffic. They need to be the correct thickness and rated to carry more weight than a paver used for pedestrian travel.

Hope this information helps! Thanks for contacting me.


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Apr 15, 2015
One more question NEW
by: Anonymous

Do I need a pedestrian gate or no since both curb cuts are open with no driveway gate?

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