U Shaped Driveway

by Erik
(Austin, TX)


I'm trying to figure out the square footage for a U shaped, (more like a backwards "h" shaped driveway). Let me explain what I have to work with...

My house is 125 ft from the main road, and about 100 ft wide. I have a side load garage on the right side, hence the backwards lowercase "h"... Would also need a little piece at the crest to get visitors to the front door.

1. I don't need the semi circle to span the length of the house because that could get expensive, but what would be a reasonable size?

2. Once I figure that out, what's the total square footage?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


To calculate square footage, you need to draw the driveway on a scaled map, or lay the driveway out on the ground. Once this is done, measure the length and width of the space and this calculation gives you the square footage.
Generally, when I'm designing a U-Shaped Driveway, and most of them need to go to a side garage, I use the entire frontage of the lot. In your case, 100 feet is not too wide. Like you say, the cost is a concern, so lay it out where it looks right with the house and in proportion to the house and functions well too.
Good luck with your project! Thanks for contacting me.


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