U shaped Driveway...I think?!?

by Byrce Cosby
(Chesapeake, Virginia)

I came across your site while researching ideas for my driveway.... I will be purchasing a 23 foot (30 ft on trailer) fishing boat soon and want to keep it on trailer on my property. Chesapeake, VA and my HOA requires boats to be kept on the sides of house or in the back yard. I have no finished driveway or pavement on the sides or in the back yard to keep my boat and I believe that I don't have the room to widen my current driveway enough to accommodate my boat on the right side of my lot/house. My address is:

753 Greenwing Dr
Chesapeake, VA

My current idea is to have a U shaped driveway connect from my current driveway across the front lawn to a second street access and also go back to a concrete pad on the left side of my house to accommodate boat. See my attached (horrible) sketch. Also, redo the current front landscape for some curb appeal. Google Maps shows my home really well...it's on a corner lot with lots of land but there's just seems to be obstacles in the way with a lot of my ideas. Thus, why I'm coming to a professional for help. I also have to get approval from my HOA prior to start of projects and having a professional helping me would only enhance my chances of approval.

-I would like a design that fits my home and my neighborhood.
-Low Maintenance.
-I don't care about loss of lawn at all.
-If my idea isn't good, please provide some alternatives please.
-Also have access to the side of my home from the whole corner, if shrubs are removed.

Thank You,
Byrce "BRICE" Cosby

HI Brice,
I hope all is well with you today. From your sketch, it looks like the "U" shaped driveway works. It's not on a scaled map, so you should double check measurements and turning radius for your boat trailer. If you'd like cars to pass one another at the front door, make the driveway a minimum of 18' here. is the "U" wide enough to make a comfortable turn? I hope this information helps. Thanks

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