We are considering a circle driveway for our 2.2 acre lot and are wondering if a circle driveway is a possibility?

The road coming into our property is centered with the house and we have a shelter belt taking up 53 ft around the perimeter of the lot. There is approximately 130ft of space in front of the house. We would like room for a school bus or truck and trailer to make the circle and are just wondering if there is space to accommodate this. Also we will need an exit off the circle to access our garage on the East end of our house. The front of our house faces south. Also, if we leave grass in the circle will it drain properly?

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You have plenty of room for a circle drive. If you are going to make it wide to accommodate large vehicles, you may want to consider making it 15 feet along the entire circle, widening it to 20 feet in front of the house. I don't know the turning radius of a tractor trailer which needs to be determined to design the width of the curves in the driveway. You would be wise to have a plan for this driveway prior to construction to work out the details.
A grass center is fine and should drain well. When the driveway is constructed, the surrounding area and center should be graded with proper drainage in mind. The center should drain onto the driveway and the driveway then carries the water away. This means that the center of the driveway is slightly higher than the surrounding driveway.
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