We are deciding whether to use a water feature on the side of the porch or put a small waterfall, a few lg. boulders and flagstone pavers in the middle of the teardrop driveway?

by Julie Sanders
(Pineville, LA)

On the front of house, there is a brick wall with no windows that we were thinking about adding a waterfall w/rock features, or do we put this in the middle of the circular drive? There is a gas line that runs to the tear drop, but I am not sure how a post light would look there.

You have a beautiful house with some great landscape possibilities. The water feature in the tear drop is going to have to be large to be effective. This is because it is viewed from a distance when people are traveling on the driveway or viewing the house from the street. I do see having some nice large boulders in the narrow end of the tear drop and on the uper left side where they are across from the blank brick wall of the house. Do a nice planting at each end of the tear drop, possibly with a sweep of lawn in the middle. A water feature by the house next to the porch can create a wonderful entrance garden for your home. This water feature would be viewed by pedestrians, so would not have to be as large. Incorporate some taller evergreen plantings and large boulders that would help soften the blank brick wall. Plant sweeps of lower growing evergreen plants around the rocks of the water feature that flower and have interesting foliage for a feature that can be beautiful all year!
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