We are planning a circular driveway, but our front yard is a little small for such an endeavor. How close to the house should the closest part of the driveway be?

A 55 foot circle puts us about 3 feet next to the house. Is this too close?

The closest I have brought a circular driveway in front of a house is about 10 feet. If this is a new house, remember you need room for a front stoop and steps to get down from the house to the elevation of the driveway. Three feet seems close even if you step down from the front door onto a landing by the driveway. Would the driveway being this close to the house allow any room for plantings? Would a U-Shaped Driveway work instead? This type of driveway stills allows you to drive through the property easily, but doesn't take up as much room maybe allowing you to bring it away from the house. You do have to have enough room at your front property line to have two driveway entrances/exits. I have seen U-Shaped Driveways on urban properties in very tight situations.
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