we have a slightly sloping driveway - will gravel slide?

by gill Coates

We want to extend our driveway and re-surface , gravel would look great but we're concerned it will slide on the slope of the driveway - advise please.

Gravel is a great surface! If the slope is slight, you may be alright. There are a few things that you should consider. Does an extreme amount of water travel down the driveway that picks up speed and can erode it? If so, you may be regrading the gravel drive more than you may want. A gravel drive needs as good a base as any other driveway. This base is of compactable material (gravel, clay, etc.). The top gravel you use should be a crusher run that also compacts because of its angular shape and rock dust being mixed with the stone. I have seen gravel drives on slopes that hold well and others that do not. If cars enter the driveway at high speeds this can erode the gravel, as well. This is the reason a solid apron of pavers or even asphalt is sometimes used by the road. It can be a nice decorative accent to the entrance of your property as well as acting as an edge for the gravel and a stabilizer for the driveway. Be sure the contractor compacts the driveway as its being built. It should be easy to drive and walk on from day 1 because the base and gravel have been compacted with heavy rollers.
Hopes this information helps! Thanks for your question!


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