What dimensions should be used for a semi-circular driveway?

by Angie
(Tampa, FL )

We are building a new house and want to install a semi-circular driveway in the front of the property. We need the circular driveway to be wide enough for 1 vehicle (my guess is approx. 10 to 12 ft.), however I am uncertain on what the diameter needs to be to ensure that an average size car can make the turn. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

A U-Shaped driveway or semi-circular driveway is such a functional design. A good width for any residential driveway is 12 feet. Ten feet resembles a country road width which is pretty, but not as easy to drive. At the front of the house, you may want to consider making the driveway a minimum of 18' wide so two cars can pass one another. I usually make this width 20 feet to give a bit more room.

I have seen U-Shaped driveways used in urban settings where the front yard is only 20-30 feet deep, so they work well in tight situations. The trick is to make the curves soft, not sharp, so they don't catch a tire wheel. A basic radius is 20 feet. If possible, I also start widening the driveway slightly before the curve to allow a little more room to make the turn.

I wish you much success with your project and would love to see some before and after pictures posted.

Thanks for your submission,


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