What do you know about rolled limestone driveway surface

by Kristine

I have a 1/4 mile driveway that curves and rides small rolling hills, therefore concrete and asphalt seem prohibitive. I have always had gravel, but between snowblower throwing it all over the grass (worse when I bring in more!), washout, and leveling ect. I am looking for something stronger but economical (less than $5000). What do you know about cost of tar and gravel and limestone chips packed/rolled down? Or any other suggestions. I live in Wisconsin so deal with -20 to + 100 degree temperature variations as well as plowing/snowblowing.

Dear Kristine,

The driveway surface you use has got to be tough to stand up to the environmental conditions you describe, as well as the plowing and snowblowing. I use tar and gravel driveways a lot and they are beautiful. I wouldn't recommend this surface for a driveway that is plowed. The gravel is going to get damaged. The tar layer is not as thick as asphalt, so can get damaged too. A tar and gravel gives a driveway the gravel appearance, but holds the gravel in place. I recently asked an asphalt contractor if they made asphalt in colors yet. That would be your best surface for the conditions you describe, but I know it's cost prohibitive. We don't use limestone here, so am not sure how it packs. When using a gravel for a driveway it should be a crusher run type. This type of gravel has dust mixed in with it that helps solidify the driveway. We have it in a few different types and colors in VA. It is rolled and packed and makes the hardest gravel surface.

Thanks for submitting your question. Nancy

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