What do you think of a 'y' shaped driveway?

by Allison
(Langley, Canada)

We have recently moved into an older home that was moved from it's previous location onto a narrow, but deep lot. The frontage of the house is 65 feet wide. The house has a garage in the back, with room for a narrow driveway to access it. We are only allowed one driveway from the road, due to city bylaws. We would like to branch our driveway to the left, to access the garage in the back, and to the right for that is where our entrance to the house will be, through the mudroom side door. I am finding it difficult to find images of something done like this before - what do you think? Thank-you so much!

I see how the "Y" is going to accommodate your needs for access to your house, but I want you to think about bringing guests to the front door and the street appeal of the house. I don't think the "Y" sounds unattractive. I see it appearing much like a circle drive, branching at the right distance from the house, but not looping by the front door. When I design a driveway, access to the front door is key with the entrances to the garage and any other secondary entrances working off of the main driveway. This creates the best "street appeal" for your house and access to all doors.
Thanks so much for contacting me!!!

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