what do you think of driveways with a center grass area


We are building a house with a side, three car garage. How would it look to have the straight section from the street with a grass or ground cover center line?

This is seen on narrow, country dirt roads. I am guessing you would have some other type of driveway surface. I have seen concrete drives with the center in grass. It looks like two narrow strips of concrete with grass in the middle. It really depends on your taste and if this type of drive will look good with the architecture of your house. This style of driveway is not popular in Richmond, VA, so I haven't done one. Grass doesn't grow well here in the summer, so it would be unattractive during the summer months. Are you trying to not have so much paved area? There are permeable pavers that may also be an option. You can see examples of them on some concrete paver sites. A narrow driveway of permeable pavers would be a more updated look. Again, it depends on the look you are trying to acheive.
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