What is a good option for replacing a stamped concrete driveway?

by Jim
(Nashville, TN)

I have a stamped concrete driveway that is 10 years old. It looked pretty good 5 or 6 years ago and then started to go down hill. I spent close to $20K to get it re colored and that lasted less than 6 months. I got half my money back but now it looks worse than ever. Will it need to be torn out and replaced? Thanks, Jim

What a shame! It should have lasted decades. I have never put another poured material (asphalt, concrete) over stamped concrete. It would make an excellent base for pavers, however. Unfortunately, this would be another expensive driveway surface. Some demolition may have to be done to allow the pavers to meet the sidewalks and doorways smoothly. After the job is completed, backfilling to the new surface with top soil is also recommended. To do another type of surface you probably will need to remove it. I would talk to the most experienced concrete contractor in your area for another opinion. There may be something that can be done with the existing pad that I am not aware of. Good Luck and so sorry for your misfortune.

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