What is the most hard wearing and strong driveway material?

by Mr Franco Ciolfi
(Cheshire, UK)

We are looking for the best option to resurface our driveway to enable us to park our 7.5 tonne van. Can you advise the best material? and maybe arrange a quotation, please.

A 7.5 ton vehicle certainly does need a solid driveway that can hold the weight. You need to use a solid material (not a paver) like asphalt or concrete. Both materials would have to be installed at a thickness of 6-8", not your typical residential installation of 4". Any driveway surface material is dependent on being installed on a good solid base. Your soil type is a factor in determining the best base. Concrete will be more expensive. It makes a beautiful road, but is susceptible to cracking. Asphalt isn't the prettiest material, but in your case, is the most durable.

Wish I was close by to help you pull the job together. Being in Richmond, VA (USA) makes that impossible, however. Look for a reputable road builder/asphalt contractor. Visit some of their completed projects and talk with their references. Get a written proposal from the contractor for the proposed work and be sure the details of the job are understood by everyone before the job begins. A payment schedule needs to be part of the proposal, so when payments are due is clear. I wish you the best with your project!

Thanks for your submission!


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