What Pavers to Use That Will Not Get Hot Around Our Swimming Pool?

by Jim

Hi Nancy,

I came across your site - very helpful.

We have a home with a swimming pool. We currently have pavers on our unshaded pool patio, but we'd like to update the look. We've heard that bluestone can be very hot on the feet (although the red cement pavers we have definitely get hot in the summer with bare feet). Another alternative we've heard about is techo-bloc (cement) pieces that are made to look like flagstone and other natural stone, but with no metal content and therefore, they don't get very hot in the sun.

Any thoughts regarding our choices?

Techno-Bloc is a manufacturer of high quality concrete pavers. They make some wonderful, natural looking pavers. Another high end paving brand is CST. I recently used CST's Mountain Stone on a project and I think it looks better than stone. The masons that installed it loved it as well for its appearance and ease of installation. It's dark gray and still doesn't get hot underfoot. Look for the wet cast pavers because they have the smoothest surface. I hope this information helps!! Good luck with your project.

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