What type of driveway would be best?

We have a long steep driveway (100 feet) in the mountains of Colo. It just has a gravel road mix on it now. What are some of the good and bad aspects of a driveway with concrete verses asphalt for a long steep driveway in a snowy area. How much difference is there in price?

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I have used both concrete and asphalt on steep driveways. The traction from both materials is good. There is a big difference in cost here in Virginia. They are also two very different materials as far as their appearance, cost, and how they hold up to heavy loads. Firstly, asphalt is only black, so you have to like that color. Concrete comes in many colors and can be stamped with patterns. The cost for asphalt is much lower than concrete. In Richmond, VA a new asphalt driveway runs about $4.00-$4.50 per square foot including the base compared to concrete's price of $6.00 a square foot for brushed concrete up to about $8.00-$10.00 per square foot for stamped concrete. For any driveway, providing an adequate base gives the driveway the strong foundation it absolutely needs. Don't skimp on the base, or your driveway may settle or crack in the future. The heavier the load on your driveway, the thicker the base and driveway material needs to be. Concrete is going to crack more easily than asphalt under heavy loads. Asphalt has to be sealed to keep the moisture from getting in the pores and damaging it over time. Because of the freezing and thawing in your area, I would think the asphalt sealer would be a step you don't want to leave out. Consult with a reputable driveway contractor in your area about the recommended thickness of the driveway material for your site conditions.
I hope this information helps you with your decision. Thanks for your submission.


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