What would be the best surface for a driveway that has problems with tree roots lifting concrete

by Shirley

We have a normal house, block on a hill, with large trees around it. We have an old concrete drive and parts have been lifted by the roots. We also have to be aware of drainage.

The tree roots are going to push up any hard surface like concrete or asphalt creating areas that will need to be repaired. The tree roots will raise a gravel driveway, but not damage it. Concrete pavers are another option. If you have a lot of square footage, this option could become expensive. Concrete pavers are installed on a compacted base of gravel and granite dust. If a repair is needed the pavers are lifted, the base repaired and the pavers reinstalled. If you'd like the water to percolate through the driveway surface, you can get pavers that allow this to happen. Check out Eagle Bay's SF Rima permeable paver.

I hope this information helps!!! Thanks for contacting me.

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