Where can I buy 0-3 mm cold handlay asphalt similar to Durive

by veronica hermiston
(Ryde, Isle of Wight, UK)

We already have a tarmac driveway of 170 sq metres which has been overlaid with small chips which are wearing away. We need to put 2-3 mm coating of fine asphalt over the top. Where can we buy this in bags. We are on the Isle of Wight.


In the states we call this type of driveway surface treatment. The base is compacted gravel and the surface is tar and gravel. The tar is the adhesive material that keeps the gravel in place. It is not as strong as asphalt, but makes a beautiful driveway that holds up well to residential traffic. If this is the type of driveway you have, I believe you are looking for tar. When I do this type of work, the tar is always put down hot and the gravel rolled into it.

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with a cold handlay asphalt or a material called Durive. So sorry. The only asphalt material I know of that comes in bags is asphalt patching material. I took the week end to answer your question because I wanted to talk to an asphalt contractor I work with about this material. He is not familiar with it either. Sorry I can't be of more help.


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