Where can I find design plans for circular driveways?

by Skip
(Saint George, Utah)

Where can I find design plans for circular driveways?

Hi Skip!

Unfortunately, I do not know of a book or internet resource for circular driveways. This is because there are a number of things that must be considered when designing a circular driveway. One design does not always fit into every situation because it is the combining of the homeowner's needs with the set perimeters given by the land. Things like topography, drainage, proportion with the house and grounds, need to be considered for each job.

There are a few things I can tell you that may be helpful. So two cars can pass each other at the front door, the width of the driveway by the house needs to be at least 18 feet. The diameter of the center circle can not be less than 50 feet. It's just too tight of a turn. Placement of the circle is very important. It needs to accent the house and function properly as well. This can be tricky.

I hope this information helps you. Thanks so much for contacting me.


PS The investment in a good landscape plan that can layout the driveway for you is money well spent. A good driveway design can make all the difference in how your property presents itself and functions.

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