Where can I find ideas for transitioning from patio to gravel drive? Patio is brick pavers, drive will be gravel.

by Sandy
(Magnolia Springs, TX)

I have a porch covered with brick pavers. Right now it just ends and gravel begins....I would like some sort of transition from porch to drive....an area the length of the porch and maybe 2-3 feet wide? Thank you

Hi Sandy,

It sounds like you want a planting bed between the porch and the gravel driveway. Plantings can certainly help soften the edge of the patio and be more interesting at the entrance to the porch. Install a brick landing in line with the door that enters the house to give you an easy way to walk to the gravel. The planting bed would come right up to the sides of this landing and run accross the length of the porch. Choose plants that will work well in the amount of sun exposure in this area. Dwarf Flowering Evergreen shrubs could be a good choice for year round greenery with some flower color. If you like the idea of layering plants, you will need a bed that is 4-5 feet wide.
I hope this information helps you. Thanks for submitting your question.


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