Where do I find steel edging for a gravel driveway?

I have an older home (original portion built in 1940) which has a New England farmhouse look to it and have lived here long enough that I am itching to up the curb appeal. One of the things I want to do is install what I believe is a macadam gravel driveway. I have seen a few examples and really love the look. I would describe the stone as medium small of a tan to clay color. One of the problems I am having is finding the steel driveway edging. The first contractor I had out for a bid tried to talk me out of it and into railroad ties. This is NOT the look I am after. I want something clean and understated that will also hold up to an occasional "drive over" and also do the business of separating lawn from drive. Every time I google "steel driveway edging", I only come up with articles about driveway edging and mostly other materials. I live in the west suburban Chicago area.

Steel Edging is a beautiful look, so keep trying to find a contractor that will install it for you. I have a landscape contractor that does it for me in Richmond, VA, so maybe try some of the larger landscape contracting companies in your area. Excavating companies that do driveway construction are a good resource too. Ryerson Steel Edging is one of the companies that produces a good product. I am on vacation and can't access my records, so will get back to you again next week with some other information about vendors.
Thandks for your question!


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