Will a circlular driveway with 64' outside diameter (32' center, 32' radius, and 16' width of drive) be enough space for cars/trucks/small delivery trucks?

I would like to start building a house in the woods this upcoming year, but I am having some difficulty with my site plan.

On the attached PDF, I would like to move house/property approximately 10 feet north and a few feet further to the west (for better positioning of the back patio/pool). However, then the driveway then becomes an issue with needing retaining walls (as the very north part of the drive would be on a slope). So, my question for you...

Could I decrease the overall size and dimension of the drive? I would like to make the outside diameter 64 feet. Therefore, when I shift the whole house/property, I won't have issues with positioning the circular drive.

I currently have the driveway centered on the front door and the garage - what are your thoughts?

Greatly appreciate your help!


I have designed a circle driveway that is that tight. In this situation, the wider you can make the driveway the better. A 16' driveway does not let two cars pass each other by the front door. If possible, you should widen the driveway in front of the front door to a minimum of 18', 20' is better. I like that the driveway entering the property focuses on the front door. The first inclination of most folks is to plant a tree in the center of the circle. This will block the view of the front of the house. In the front of the house, use plantings that frame the house and draw attention to the front door, not block the view of it.
Thanks so much for contacting me. I hope this information helps!

Stay well,


PS Another thought, could you move the pool over to flatter ground without moving the house?

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