Will a circular driveway damage my Cedar tree.

by Neil
(Dinwiddie Va)

I have an older home that lost its original driveway due to development around the property. Over the last 4 decades there have been multiple layouts for the driveway. I am having trouble figuring out the best place for it now. I really want to have a circular driveway around a large cedar that sits on the side of the home. I haven't been able to find conclusive evidence that putting in a gravel driveway around the tree will not cause damage to the tree. The tree is probably 300 years old and I would never do anything to compromise it. Do you have any input on this?

I understand not wanting to hurt such an old tree. The rule of thumb is to stay at a minimum out of the drip line of the tree. The drip line is where the outer most branches reach where the water drips off this outer range. So don't do any excavating under the limbs of the tree. Constructing a driveway correctly involves having a good base even with a gravel driveway. Excavating about 6 inches down and installing compacted gravel and then adding about 2 inches of decorative gravel on top makes a good solid driveway. Thanks!!!!

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