Woodland plants below a 15' retaining wall

by Bob
(Fairfield, PA)

We've just completed a 80' x 15' tall retaining wall. Its on a hillside (2.5 to 1 grade) and overlooks a nice lake. We want to soften the wall. We are in zone 6-7 southern PA near Gettysburg, PA. Any ideas? Also needs to be somewhat deer resistant since they are thick in these parts!


Dear Bob,

So sorry I am answering your question so late. I honestly don't know how it got by me.
Use large native evergreen shrubs that will get tall and native varieties are usually more deer resistant. Use the Bayberry for your area which I believe is the Northern Bayberry. In VA, we have Eastern Red Cedars that are a native Juniper and are deer resistant. They are a tree and get about 20-30 feet tall. Junipers are resistant to deer and come in many sizes and shapes. There are some that only get about 15 feet tall. They do prefer sun. There are also small flowering trees like redbud that could be a nice accent in front of the evergreens.
I suggest keeping these design considerations in mind and going to a local nursery to fine tune your plant selections. Install the plants in sweeps of 5-7 plants for a natural appearance. The sweeps gently flow together. I am happy to review your final selections, if you'd like.
Thanks for the submission!


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